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Darfur: How Long?

Darfur: How Long?

What price compassion and generosity?. Close to 2.5 million people had been displaced from their homes, mostly seeking refuge in camps in Darfur's major towns.

Accurate numbers of dead have been difficult to estimate, partly because the Sudanese government places formidable obstacles in front of journalists attempting to cover the conflict. It is estimate that 3 million had died - 3 million not 3 thousand. This is incomprehensible for any sane person to accept. How many more need to die before we take action?. More than 10,000 people are dying each month.

The refugees cannot go home because the Janjaweed militia who perpetrated Darfur's worst atrocities show little sign of being disarmed so few displaced people feel safe enough to go home. Another reason the refugees cannot go home is because Arabs from Chad and Niger continue to cross the border into Darfur. Most have been relocated by the Sudanese government to former villages of displaced non-Arab people.

The camps are becoming increasingly permanent and lack necessary resources. Hunger and disease are rampant.

African TV Network is holding a fund raising to shine light on the genocide in Darfur. What can you do. You can help by supporting our fund raising campaign or find a local save Darfur group and do something- anything.

Darfur is a nation in the western Sudan torn by war that began when Africans rebelled against the Arab-dominated government in February 2003. The rebellion has turned into a mass slaughter of Africans.


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