Sun City

Produced / Directed: Mr. Kwame Boadi
Country: Ghana
Language: English
Duration: 30 mins
Year: 2003
Genre: Soap
Episodes Presently Available: 52

SunCity is a soap set in a University called Coastal College a world-class tertiary institution found in the Sub Saharan state of Osikakrom.

It was built after independence in 1959 and has as its credo “ Linctus, Davidacus, Ayicus” which translates as “ Perfection, Dedication, Perseverance”

The administration of the school comprises a Vice Chancellor, who is the Administrative and Political Head, a Registrar who is the Academic Head and the Heads of Faculties:

Coastal College offers a multiplicity of courses; the arts, sciences and Business

It has a multi-ethnic, or even global, student population, thus, its students come from diverse backgrounds.

The college is set in the coastal town of “Sun City”, and thus, enjoys a high degree of exclusivity and a serene atmosphere conducive to academic pursuit. It enjoys lush greenery and a picturesque landscape. The architecture is colonial / Neo-colonial.
Costal college has five halls of residents; three mixed one male, only and one female.

It has three main faculties: Science, Arts and Business administration.
The campus is well supplied with hospitality centers, which takes care of the dietary needs of the students, plus refreshment.

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