Taxi Driver

Duration: 30 mins
Country: Ghana
Language: English
Year: 2001 till Date
Genre: Soap
Episodes Readily Available: 150


Taxi driver is a fast paced situation comedy with enlightening dialogue and camera performances from popular Ghanaian actors and actresses. It prominently features the 1997 Acrag award-winning actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio as the taxi driver “TT”.

Taxi driver appeals to a local sense of humour, creating a focus of attention during transmission. It opens a window into the life of a commercial driver and depicts life on the streets of Accra and other cities in Ghana.

• Imagine a taxi on the streets of Accra. Imagine the diverse groups of individuals who will come on and off this taxi.
Imagine a sharp witted and savvy taxi driver, a loud and bombastic owner and an irritating bookman who has dreams of having been to Oxford

You really must see this!!!!