Produced / Directed: Mr. Theophilus Akatugba
Country: Ghana
Language: English
Duration: 30 mins
Year: 2003
Genre: Soap
Episodes Presently Available:


Success brings joy but it associates itself with pain.
Nii Odartey Mills, a man of high esteem and reputation, finds himself in a dilemma over his son’s refusal to occupy the already prepared seat as the Chief Dilemma over his son’s refusal to occupy the already prepared seat as the Chief Executive Officer of Salt Lake Group of Companies as the only heir apparent to the Odartey Mills’ family. The decision of the son sends him into a world of struggle and battle for survival, which almost tears apart the sizzling romantic relationship between him and the housemaid, Korkor. In the bid to do it his own way, he finds himself at the mercy of gangsters and dupes who teach him the lesson of his life. It turns out to be too late for the prodigal Son to return as the company ends up in the hands of a total stranger by the decision of Nii –Odartey Mills himself. The battle line between the Prodigal Son and the stranger leads to unimaginable surprises.

Madam Afriyie, a wealthy and highly influential woman of Class and Style, is in a romance with a man Faulkner, who dates mother and child without both parties knowing. The secret is revealed and Faulkner looses his life in exchange for his unfaithful and abominable act. A long-term secret kept by this delectable woman is about to be revealed when she finds out the existence of a mutual relationship growing between Nii-Odartey Mills and her daughter, Lawrencia.

Fafa, Ama and Dela are three university students who desire wealth and a university certificate at all cost and would not stop at nothing to get it, giving away their bodies freely to those men who matter. Dela, married to an averagely rich man, Ekow refuses to be satisfied by the husband’s care and money, which he willingly lavishes on her. The result of her unfaithfulness sets in motion various events that rope in Fafa and Ama.

Barrister Newton Chikatah a highly intelligent Lawyer is torn in between two: his career and his desires to be married to a fellow lawyer, Barrister Eresi. He gets devastated at the sudden discovery of the lady’s state of barreness from a traitor who happened to be an ex-lover of this female lawyer. He is then at a fix as to marry Eresi despite her barrenness or destroy his long-term wish by simply quitting in the quest for her love.