THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE- Award Winning Soap

Producer: Ivan Quashigah
Country: Ghana
Language: English
Duration: 30 minutes
Year: 2001-2003
Genre: Soap

Synopsis: Things We Do For Love is a soap that brings out what young people of today think of old folks who are too conservative and full of gospel rules and regulations about life, old folks who see young people as a bunch of ignorant adventurers who are yet to see the other side of life. In one of Accra’s most exciting neighborhoods, the ideological battle between the old and the young takes even more interesting dimensions as adolescents from different homes and backgrounds team together in this mini soap opera bordering on adolescent reproductive health.

Housed in one of the neighborhood’s mansions, the MENSAH’S live in absolute luxury in contrast to the others, from the privilege of posh personal cars and mobile phones to the enviable reputation of their family. MARCIA, the pampered seventeen- year old is the cute, well-behaved girl in secondary school being courted by the timid, gallivanting BB, who is defying his father’s advice to go and train as a teacher and would prefer listening to his rogue friends, especially, PUSHER, one of the strong characters.

Pidgin-speaking PUSHER is the combination of humour and promiscuity, daring any girl that comes into his path, just the kind of life deterring his Switzerland- based parents from encouraging his trip overseas, his lifetime dream. But PUSHER, living with his older brother and grandfather, has his own plans for the future.

DEDE, Pusher’s favorite girl, is the smart Junior Secondary School teenager always getting away with her wild schemes on her private life. Living with her mother, she is a master at lies, to the extent that her own mother, AUNTIE STELLA, with a habit of dating rich men, doesn’t seem to know the stuff her only daughter is really made of till she is on her death bed from an HIV infection. Yet further, DEDE would risk her feelings on MAX, Marcia’s arrogant big brother whose life would take a turn for the worse after being dumped by the virgin, OFEIBEA.

Other characters in the neighborhood, from the belligerent bad-guy, KILLER, to the no-nonsense, ALUTA, one of Pusher’s buddies whose domestic life is thrown into shambles with the separation of his parents, all together impose several subplots which make Things We Do For Love a compelling, educative treat for the family and society at large. It would be noted in the course of the serial that this hugely interesting story goes beyond the lives of young people, as everyone of us identifies personalities and situations so real to us…