About Us

African Tv Network

The AFRICAN TELEVISION NETWORK (ATVN) is a private cable TV network designed to meet the news and entertainment needs of immigrants from Africa. We are filling an important niche that has not been met for long. ATVN will represent a unique outpost of news and entertainment about Africa in the United States. We promise to be the channel of first choice on programs about Africa from news to film, sports and other relevant entertainment.

In spite of the numerous programs that one will find on cable TV, there are almost no channels that devote any reasonable amount of time on programs that reflect the true image of Africa. From time to time, one can catch a glimpse of news on Africa that often deals with disaster or conflict. The current environment of passive coverage of the African continent will change with the launching of ATVN. Immigrants from Africa can be assured that their news and entertainment needs will be met by ATVN.

Although ATVN`s target audience is African immigrants in the US, we believe the authenticity of our programs will attract other viewers, especially, members of the African American and Caribbean communities, who by and large, share a common historical and cultural lineage with the Africans. ATVN`s goal, of course, is to keep the African immigrant community abreast with events in Africa. A second goal and, equally important, is to present Africa in a more positive light to US viewers of our programs.