Tunisia, officially the Republic of Tunisia, is a country located in the Northern part of Africa. It is bordered by Algeria to its west, Libya to its south east and the Mediterranean Sea to its north and east. The Sahara Desert begins in Southern Tunisia. Tunis is the country’s capital and its largest city.
Due to its strategic location, Tunisia has had contact with several civilizations, some of which have tried to conquer North Africa. These include the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and Ottoman Turks. Tunisia was however a colony of France between 1881 and 1956.
Initially buoyed by the Young Tunisians Party, nationalist activities in Tunisia were at first peaceful. More groups and individuals, like Habib Bourguiba and his Neo-Destour Party, led the way in peacefully demanding for Tunisians independence. Violent nationalist activities were resorted to after negotiations for reforms collapsed in 1952. This forced the French to quickn the pace of independence.
By March 1956, Tunisia became independent from France, with Bourguiba as Prime Minister. In 1957, the country became a republic and began practicing the presidential system of government. However, between 1956 and 2011, Tunisia only had two presidents: Bourguiba (1957-1987) and Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali (1987-2011). Ben Ali was forced out of power during the uprising that initiated the Arab Spring in 2011.